One-Off Session Rules

Rules for a one-off session:

1) The one-off session exists outside of the current campaign’s timeline.

2) You may use your current character or create a new one at the same experience level.

3) All experience earned can be applied to your main character. If you use a new character for the one-off, do not worry about tracking experience, as you’ll always have the option of making a new character for these sessions at the current experience level.

4) If you make a new character, your credits and Obligation amount carry over, e.g., if you have a total of 4,000 credits in your gear and whatnot and 20 Obligation, your new character is also worth 4,000 credits and has 20 Obligation. Obligation types can vary, just have the same amount.

5) If anyone would like to GM one of these sessions, please just let Ben know in advance. It’s easy and fun, and Ben can help with rules and whatnot!

One-Off Session Rules

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