Notable Denizens

J’artan Vemilla – Player Character
Ami Vemilla – J’artan’s Mother
Tristac Vemilla – J’artan’s Older Brother
Isadel Vemilla – J’artan’s Younger Sister

Planet History

J’artan Vemilla’s homeworld and a minor planet in the galactic Outer Rim.

Erithea, under the Republic, was governed by a feudal system and participated in the Senate only so far as to maintain its generally isolationist position. When the Empire replaced the Republic, they purged existing power structures, including the noble families, and replaced them with a centralized government under a petty Moff.

Planet Description

Erithea counts approximately eight billion residents, most of whom are human and at least nominally citizens of the Empire. Major industries include electronics manufacturing, agriculture, biologics, and research. Erithean universities are not counted among the Empire’s best, but bright students can often arrange transfers into more prestigious programs closer to the galactic center.

A minor trade route brings starfaring equipment, weapons, and modern tools, mostly secondhand from more established manufacturing sectors like Corellia. In exchange, it takes Erithean prosthetics, bacta, and data transfer components to moderately settled planets throughout the Outer Rim.

Erithea is located on the far side of the galaxy near Ventooine and Telos IV.


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