Tag: deceased


  • Ami Vemilla

    Ami was [[:vemilla | J'artan]]'s mother, and a broken woman. In her younger days, she was an active administrator in the Vemilla bureaucracy, a rising star in the family whose intelligent, urbane husband secured her access to the highest ranks of …

  • Vox

    Bounty hunter and Imperial informant. Killed in epic fight by the heroes, but mostly by a team of Geonosian trade delegates. Specialized in cruel traps utilizing self-tightening razor wire and pressure-sensitive bombs.

  • Hadiss the Vaulted

    "Hadiss the Vaulted Canon Character Information":http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Hadiss_the_Vaulted During Poggle's uprising, many believed that Hadiss met his end at Poggle's hands, but some say that he fled into the deep catacombs beneath the planet. …