Brotherhood of the Edge

Tatooine Escape - 10 XP
Session 2

An exploding bike provides cover for our heroes to escape the surface of Tatooine and fall directly into the clutches of the Imperial Moff of Geonosis.

Bar Fight in Tatooine - 5 XP
1st Session 4/17/2014

The party started off in a cantina in Tatooine, celebrating their recent partnership agreement. During the celebration, Nat’Shala noticed that there were a few Twi’lek slave dancers. Concerned, Nat approached one of the younger dancers to engage her in a conversation.

During Nat’s conversation, Content Not Found: vemillia noticed that an Aqualish bouncer was headed over to stop Nat. Always one for adventure, J’artan and John decided to intercept the bouncer. After a brief scuffle, which left J’artan on the ground, John opened fire on the offended Aqualish. The crowd quickly dispersed, leaving four bouncers and our great heroes.

The group quickly dispatched the Aqualish, but John unfortunately triggered the fire alarm, causing the bar to go into lockdown and fire suppression mode. J’artan was able to find the circuits to shut down the alarm, but the three of them could not find a way out. Giving his rebreather to the Twi’lek slave girl, Nat and the others began blasting a hole in the wall.

First to leave, J’artan stepped through the whole and spotted a squad of Stormtroopers. He stepped forward and tried to bluff his way past the Troopers, but succumbed to the vast amount of strain from the prior conflict.

And the story shall continue next week!

Back Story
The Heroes Come Together

Having his freedom for only a short few months, Nat found himself on Tatooine tracking down a bounty in the hopes of making enough money to feed himself. He had been on the target’s trail for several weeks, but he finally managed to pin down the location. He tracked his target to a local bar. Inside the bar was a doctor sitting down, drinking away the dreadful memories he had, an ex-noblemen, looking through messages he had received from his sister, and his target. Nat silently snuck up behind the target, ready to strike him. Before he could deliver a fatal blow, his target spoke saying, “You think you are here for me, but it is I who is here for you.” All of a sudden, Nat found himself surrounded by five stormtroopers. Nat realized he could not do anything, and he dropped his weapon in surrender. Nat’s target then said “I know what you are. A pathetic little slave who killed his master because he could not handle a little work. You will see justice soon enough.” Nat’s target got up to lead the stormtroopers and Nat away when a glass bottle was shattered against the head of a stormtroopers. Next, Nat heard the cry from a drunken man, screaming “YOU BASTERDS TOOK MY PARENTS FROM ME!!! NOW DIE!!!” Nat realized that this was from the doctor sitting at the bar. The stormtroopers were caught off guard by this outburst, and were equally stunned by the chair that the doctor had thrown at them. Nat took this opportunity to get out of their clutches, and he ran for his weapon. The stormtroopers began to open fire, and the doctor, tried to duck for cover. Unfortunately, he was too drunk and he fell on his face. Luckily, the ex-nobleman saw what was going on and kicked his table down and rolled it in front of the fallen doctor. The nobleman then dived into the cover he created. As he turned around, he saw Nat going for his weapon with the two stormtroopers aimed at him. The ex-nobleman pulled out his blaster pistol and began to fire at the stormtroopers to give Nat some cover. The doctor had pulled out his pistol as well, but he could not fire very well. Nat managed to get his weapon and make it over to where they were. The situation was not well, and they knew that they needed to do something or they were all dead. Then Nat saw a back door to the bar, and he remembered the grenade that he bought earlier. Nat pulled out his grenade and though it over the cover they were using. Nat then yelled “RUN FOR THE DOOR!!” All three took off running. The grenade went off, and three stormtroopers fell. Two were disoriented, but they still managed to get off a few shots. Nat and the nobleman were his square in the back. Despite being drunk, the doctor managed to drag both of them outside. The ex-nobleman said, “My… speeder…. out in…. front…” the doctor then ran for the speeder, but he could see stormtroopers inside radioing for reinforcements. The doctor jumped in and drove the speeder around to pick up Nat and the ex-nobleman. The doctor then took off. He was swerving everywhere because of the alcohol, and he eventually crashed into a stand just inside of town. Nat then spoke up saying, “My ship… not far… just outside of… the city.” The doctor pulled them out of the crashed speeder and outside the city. He could see a ship, and assumed it was Nat’s ship. Pulling them both in and closing the door, the doctor sat down and passed out. Nat and the ex-nobleman also passed out from their wounds.

Nat woke up and realized that the he was lying down with the doctor tending to his wounds. The ex-nobleman was lying elsewhere, already bandaged up. Nat looked up and said “Thank you.”

“Thank you?” said the doctor, “For what, almost getting us killed?”

“I was a dead man if I had gone with them, so in a way you saved my life.”

“I guess, but I probably could have done something less reckless.”

“You think?” said the ex-nobleman.
Nat and John looked over to the human lying on the ground, not amused by the situation he’s in.
“Anyway, my name is John Smith. I am a medical doctor. As you’ve probably guessed, I’m not a fan of the empire in any way.”
“We noticed,” said the ex-nobleman, “my name is J’artan Vemilla”
Nat sat up quickly, which caused him pain, “J’artan Vernilla, as in Erithea noble family Vernilla!?”
“Yes. Most of my family is dead now though. All that remains is my sister, brother, and mother.”
“Ah, well I am an independent bounty hunter. You can call me Nat.”
Just then, they heard a noise outside, a squad of imperial troops had come to investigate the disturbance in the bar. Nat, realizing that he could not do anything else, opened up the door. Thankfully, the stormtroopers from the bar gave horrible descriptions of the three of them, so they were not arrested right away. They did question Nat though.
“Did you have anything to do with the incident at the bar today?”
“Uh… What incident?” said Nat, trying to play dumb.
“We would like to have a look inside your ship.”
Nat replied, “Sure, let me just go insider and…”
“Yes, of course.”
Nat and three stormtroopers walked inside. The stormtroopers saw John and J’artan sitting in the ship, but thankfully they paid little attention to him. After a thorough inspection, the stormtrooper then said, “You are not authorized to land your ship here. Move it immediately.”
“Yes, I will” replied Nat.
By the way, why are you all so injured.
Nat froze in his place. He knew that this would give them away. Thankfully J’artan spoke up saying, “Well, we were assisting Nat with a Bounty that he had received from the empire. The rebel scum had put up a bit of a fight and managed to land a few good shots. Our medic here was actually just finishing patching us up.”
The stormtrooper looked at J’artan momentarily, and then looked back to Nat. Thankfully, this stormtrooper was not very bright and believed the story.
The stormtroopers walked out and Nat started up his ship and flew off. When they landed in a remote area of Tatooine, the doctor said, “Even though we just met, we might want to stick with each other for a little while. We seem to be good in a fight together, and I don’t think we’ll last very long on our own. J’artan and Nat looked at each other momentarily, and agreed to this idea. They then decided to go to Mos Eisley celebrate their new partnership. On the way there, J’artan spoke up saying, “You know what. I think we used up all of our luck back there.”
Nat replied, “Yep, I sure hope we don’t have to roll any dice any time soon.”

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