Brotherhood of the Edge

Session 13
15 XP
  • Party heads back to the Witch village to find it destroyed by two AT-ST’s.
  • Party easily takes out the Walkers, then gathers up the remaining villagers and surviving Rancors.
  • Party heads over in AT-ST, Rancors, and starship and sack the Imperial prison nearby.
  • Party discovers that the Emperor and the drugs are in the Deep Core.
Session 12
20 XP
  • Move one room to the secret chamber/protected door.
  • Fought a Rancor and Tajj, then entered the door.
  • Fought the First Nightsister and won.

Players Present

Adam, Ben, Beth, John, Jolee, Mike (late), Larissa

it smells of motor oil and rancor blood


Session 11
20 XP
  • Party fought and killed a baby Rancor.
  • Party fought some Dathomiri Nightsisters and won (handily).
  • Ran into a badass Nightsister and a mother Rancor and killed them.

Present: Adam, Ben, Beth, Jolee, John, Larry, Mike

Session 10
10 XP

*Headed to Dathomir to research the Key of Exile.

  • Bypassed the Imperial blockade and landed.
  • Men were put in binders in the village while the women conversed with the Clan Mother.
  • Braddock and Neesha managed to convince the Clan Mother to let the party assist against the Nightsisters.
  • The party agreed to undertake a quest to fight the Nightsisters.
  • Larry joined the party!
  • Traveled north to the Rancor Cave and ventured in.

Players Present

Adam, Ben, Beth, David, Jolee, John, Larissa, Mike

Session 9
10 XP
  • Party lands on Coruscant to find a way to make money.
  • Party decides to find an underground arena fighting ground and make money.
  • Party joins the fight.
    • Trandoshan loses a slug fest to a Wookie.
    • Gand destroys the Wookie in one hit in the next fight.
    • Gand then slugs out and wins against a tough human.
  • IG-88 then kicks down the door, blasts some people, and walks into the hall.
    • Party manages to disable him, but had to flee from the Black Suns backup.
  • After leaving, the party blends into the crowd and flees.
    • Galactus builds Doc Oct arms.
    • Gand gets a riding mount for his bear.
    • Braddock researches one of his artifacts.
    • Tarak gets a fancy set of armor.

Players Present
Ben, Beth, Mike, John (late)

Session 8
Session 8 - 15 XP
  • Party leaves Bespin and heads to Naboo to track down an Imperial Moff, Tanaka, that is buying up the artifacts.
    • The Emperor has been kind to Naboo and even has a secret hideaway, presumably somewhere nearby.
  • Party arrives just in time for Empire Week (Empire Day was two days ago)! It’s so celebrated on Naboo that even Lord Vader will give a speech.
  • Party meets a Gand character in a bar and negotiates for his help to take him off world.
  • In the forest, the Gand conducts his ritual to find the artifact on the 3rd floor in a room guarded by royal forces.
  • Party decides to disguise themselves in performer’s clothes and joins a parade through the main street.
  • Party heads to side entrance of the royal palace. Braddock impresses a handmaiden, then the group goes up to the third floor.
  • After battle, the Rodian and Braddock grab some relics and the party took off.

Players Present

Adam, Ben, Beth, Jolee, John, Mike

Session 7
Session 7 - 20 XP
  • Found the Nightsister and convinced her to join again
  • Set a trap at one of the Imperial/Black Sun drop points and ambushed the enemies
  • The Nightsister ran and Tarak chased until he let her go
  • Group approached a factory, kicked down the door, and kicked ass
  • Keltar fled the group while the rest took to the skies

Players Present

Adam, Ben, Beth, Joleen, John, Mike

Session 6 Placeholder
Session 6 - 15 XP
  • Took the underboss back to the hotel and interrogated him.
  • Discovered a map that shows the locations of the Imperial dead-drop locations for intelligence.
  • Met with the Dathomirian witch and joined forces to investigate the dead-drops.
  • Braddock, Galactus, and Dredds all found a package and quickly opened it.
  • Keltar, Neesha, and Tarak found a package and decided not to open it because it’s rigged with a tracker.
  • As the latter returned, they found a sniper on the rooftop and sent Tarak to investigate.
  • After battle started, the others joined on the rooftop.
  • After taking the Defel prisoner, got a Heavy Blaster Rifle w/Multi-Optic Sight and the Marksman Barrel

Players Present

Adam, Beth, Ben, Jolee, John, Mike

Session Placeholder for 5
Session 5 - 15 XP
  • Group recouped and decided to involve the Hutts in this planet.
  • Group ran and found a mansion for a target.
  • Lots of combat ending with blowing up a droid and a house.
  • Captured the captain.

Players Present

Adam (?), Ben, Beth, John, Jolee, Mike,


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