Brotherhood of the Edge

I Know Why The Caged Nerf Snorts - 10 XP
Regular Session 6

Arriving in Erithean space, the Suncatcher is met with a hail of Star Destroyer fire. Taking the ship in for an emergency landing, Nat crash-lands near a couple of other travelers who also did not realize the extend of the military buildup on the planet.

After a tense meeting, the crowd of heroes decided to travel together for safety. They headed toward the capital, which J’artan recognized from the surroundings.

However, the environment on Erithea was ruined. A brief survey showed burned crops, destroyed forests, and empty towns.

Running from a TIE fighter that buzzed them, the heroes found a speeder in an abandoned garage and tried to head toward the city. On the way, they encountered a crowd of enslaved Eritheans on their way to a dig site. J’artan, furious at the enslavement of his kinsmen, caused a speeder crash and led his confused friends into battle.

After the dust settled, the people of Erithea refused to speak to J’artan, seeming afraid. They eventually wandered away when speeder dust appeared on the horizon. The heroes fought off these new arrivals, but ultimately fell into the clutches of some Stormtroopers who captured the group.

They were processed by slavers, and most of the group was forced into labor, though Reethan and the Wookie were subdued by troopers before they could be processed.

After the processing, J’artan was taken to the throne room, who found his sick mother being manipulated by an Imperial Moff. He tried to bluff the Moff into sparing him – and she did. But at a terrible cost: in order to “promote” J’artan to her puppet leader, she killed Ami Vemilla – J’artan’s mother.

Escape from Coruscant - 5 XP
One-Off Session 1

Players In Attendance – Mike, Adam

Dr. John Smith befriended Tarak, a Trandoshan demolitionist for the Empire, some time ago when Tarak needed medical attention. The two hit it off well considering their race. Through their discussions over time they discovered a common hatred for the Empire and a desire to leave the life they had come to know under Imperial rule. Without much of a plan, Dr. John and Tarak decided to leave in the middle of the night and escape this world for a better one. Since neither owned a ship, this meant they had to “borrow” transportation off this world.

Having decided on the day to leave, both met at Dr. John’s office in the middle of the night. They stealthily made their way to the space port; however, they were discovered by three storm troopers. Dr. John’s quick thinking had Tarak feign injury saying that they needed medical help. Although suspicious, the troopers obliged and requested an ambulance as well as reinforcements. The two realized this was not going to end well and they needed to escape before reinforcements arrived. The duo agreed it was necessary to take quick action. While Dr. John tried to hinder the troopers’ view, Tarak, being well armed, tried to sneak his grenade launcher into action. Unfortunately they were spotted by one of the troopers and a fight ensued. Luckily Tarak was able to get off one concussion grenade that knocked all three troopers unconscious. Not wanting to get into more trouble, the two companions agreed to spare the trooper’s lives and headed to the space port as quick as they could.

On the way Dr. John noted another group of troopers headed straight for the two and quickly lead them into an alleyway. They were able to avoid being seen and made it the rest of the way without being discovered. Having made it successfully to the space port the two picked out a ship to “borrow”, but just as they were ready to make a dash for the ship they noticed another group of four troopers to their right. Realizing this may be their last chance to escape, they decided to have Dr. John make a run for the ship to try to get it ready while Tarak would hold off the troopers. The troopers could not help but notice Dr. John running toward the ship and turned to attack. Realizing this may be the only chance to escape and getting caught may be fatal, Tarak made a decision to end this threat quickly and readied a plasma grenade.

Noticing Tarak move out into the open and that he had a grenade launcher, the troopers quickly turned their attention away from Dr. John. It was a quick battle with the troopers getting off the first shot. Tarak was injured, which affected his aim. The grenade missed the mark, but the blast impact literally chopped off the legs of each trooper at the knees. Tarak commented on what a glorious sight that was.

Dr. John was able to get the ship ready quickly. Tarak took a position at one of the main laser batteries. As they were leaving the atmosphere fate took an ugly turn and they ran headlong into an entire fleet of Imperial ships, including a Star Destroyer. Thanks to some fancy maneuvering on Dr. John’s part, and a lot of luck considering the odds, the two managed to escape. Only one laser bolt was fired at them and there was no pursuit. They were not sure why they were not pursued further, especially since they were a rogue ship without clearance to leave, but only assumed the fleet had more pressing business than one lone ship. And it appeared they had not yet heard about the scuffle at the space port. Fate was on their side this night.

The two made it safely to Nar Shaddaa where they could get lost in the crowd for a time. They stayed together for a period, but Dr. John received news from companions and wanted to join them and Tarak had a need for cash. They said their goodbyes and had one last toast. Dr. John took a ship to meet his companions and Tarak took a job with a very wealthy banker that had a need for a very discrete employee. Tarak’s work took him far beyond Nar Shaddaa. Maybe someday the two shall meet again.

The Doctor's Log 7
Travel Day 16

This is the log of Doctor John Smith

I’m starting to feel much better now. I guess it was just a short illness. Now that I’m feeling better, I should be able to go out with Nat and J’artan. I should be more careful from now on. Oh well. I’m just glad to be better.

End of Log

The Doctor's Log 6
Travel Days 11-15

This is the log of Doctor John Smith

There’s no hiding anything anymore. I can’t keep any food down, and now my skin is starting to change color. I’ve advised my friends to stay away while I try to fight through it. It’s probably some Geonosian disease. I should be able to live through it, but I can’t imagine being able to do much of anything. I must rest. All I can do now is hope.

End of Log

The Doctor's Log 5
Travel Days 3-10

This is the log of Doctor John Smith,

I have not been feeling well. I’ve started throwing up for the past three days, and now I can barely walk. Chances are I’ve contracted some Geonosian Disease. Nat and J’artan know something is wrong, but I’ve trying to brush it off. The slave girl has also noticed, and I think she might actually be concerned. Funny, I thought she would have loved to see me ill.

End of Log

The Doctor's Log 4
Travel Day 2

This is the log of Doctor John Smith

Seeing as not much is happening, I may begin to condense several days into just one log, but I will report any relevant information. I spent most of the day in my room, thinking about the murder of my parents. Every second I spend laying in my bed thinking about this is making my anger boil more and more. I began to remember all the reason’s I became a doctor, which only made me more angry to consider how I just left that slave girl here on her own. I made an oath to protect the sick, and I’m doing a horrible job at keeping it. Fourteen more days of travel are left, but it feels like there are months left.

End of log

The Doctor's Log 3
Travel Day 1

This is the log of Doctor John Smith

This is the first day of travel. Most of us are keeping to ourselves. I’m trying to talk to the slave girl, but to no avail. It will probably be best to wait and let her come to me. Hopefully I’ll be able to earn her trust. Given that we are in the midst of travel, these next few logs will be rather short. I’ll keep them nonetheless.

End of log

J'artan Vemilla's Notes on Erithea
Shared Log Entry
Quick update to the crew before we arrive on Erithea:

I want to give you some idea of what to expect before we get there. Keep in mind, things may have changed in the year since I’ve been off-world.

First, Erithea is a largely temperate world. A little cold for many races’ tastes, it’s a nonetheless beautiful planet, with equatorial deserts, vast tundras, and lots of forested land. Large hardwood vegetation thrives on the northern continents, and the heartwood of these tree-like plants is prized by wealthy Eritheans for its luster and durability.

Before the Moffs came, most people lived in climate-protected cities called arcologies, which also served as the points of contact for off-world guests. Most of the population is human, and minority groups of other starfaring races tend to congregate together. As a result, people think of the arcologies as having specific cultures influenced by the races that live there. Because Bothans tend to live in Hadrann Arcology, for example, people associate Hadrann with Bothan cooking, fashion and sensibility. There’s a place there that makes an ion-seared pastry that’s just amazing. I’ll take you if it’s still in business.

The major industries before the Imperial takeover were mainly biologic in nature: some low-strength bacta was cultivated there, and medical devices were manufactured through a partnership with several powerful computer-technology focused families.

Before the war, both politics and industry were based around noble houses like Vemilla. Besides the royal family, the Ridels, the Yancoras, and the Girews were comparably powerful. Of course, hundreds of lesser families struggled for power, as well.

Since the war, industry was devolved to supposedly “independent” groups that really were Imperial sympathizers. Politics fall firmly in the grasp of centralized Imperial bureaucrats.

I’m not sure exactly what will have changed when we get back there. I can get us through the streets of two or three of the major arcologies as long as things haven’t been too overbuilt. Most of all, I’m nervous because of the people we might meet there…my brother can help us, but I think he’s too involved with his friends. He might think of us more as assets and see how he can get us to help his cause. My sister lives offworld now.

But my mother is still there, in a long-term care facility in Arcology Beta. I don’t know if I want us even going there if we can avoid it.

The Doctor's Log 2
Fooling the Enemy

This is the log of Doctor John Smith,

We started the day going after our ship that we carelessly left behind. We ran into some trouble along the way, but we able to handle it thankfully. We got on board shortly after. Thankfully nothing had been taken. However, the slave girl was not fairing well. The situation she was in was completely our fault, I felt awful having forgotten her for the past few days. Since she has been in our care, she has lost a hand and has been terrified out of her mind. She came to me late at night after we got back to Jack’s base. She tried to come onto me, but I pushed her away, saying that I was flattered…. FLATTERED!? WHO THE HELL SAYS THAT!? I could not believe how idiotic I was that night. She slapped me and ran away. How I fell asleep that night, I will never know. Either way, the next day we managed to fool the empire and Geonosians into fighting with each other, and we can now finally leave this planet. We are heading off for Erithea. Hopefully the slave girl will warm up to us, and maybe we can get her to a safe planet. Now we have 16 days of travel, so this should be fun.

End of log

Despair and Triumph on Geonosis - 20 XP
Session 5

Players In Attendance: John, Dave, Adam)

The heroes, recuperating in the resistance stronghold, found themselves part of the council of war, determining how this rag-tag band of anti-Imperials could stand up to a Moff’s blockade.

They ultimately decided to undercut local support and waste Imperial resources attacking allied Geonosians. They had noticed, in Poggle the Weak’s hive, that relations between loyal Geonosians and the Imperial Moff seemed to be strained, so they decided to exploit that by staging an attack by Poggle-aligned Geonosians on an Imperial patrol.

The first step was getting back to their ship. They borrowed a landspeeder and jetted toward The Suncatcher, only to find that curious loyalist Geonosians were guarding it. They engaged in combat and liberated the ship.

After a tense reunion with the Twi’lek slave girl, who stubbornly insisted that she would not reveal her name to the group and blamed them for her misfortunes, the crew returned the ship to the resistance dock and prepared to carry out stage two.

The Twi’lek slave girl decided at this point to reveal her affection for Doctor Smith, who gently rebuffed her advances. He told her that the danger was too great for him to properly care for her, and she returned to her quarters, upset.

The eve of the battle had arrived, and the heroes followed their guide to an area where patrols were frequently seen. They lay in wait, and when a three-man patrol happened by, they seized the opportunity. A short but violent battle ended with the heroes capturing a comms pack, which they used to simulate a distress frequency. Using the positioning relay, they made it seem as if Poggle’s troops had killed the troopers and seized their goods.

This resulted in extreme retaliation from the Imperials, who sent bombers to punish Poggle’s hive. In the confusion, the resistance swarmed from the caves and took the Imperial starbase, opening a hole in the blockade which the heroes used to escape the system.

Now free, they needed a place with rebel sympathies that also had advanced medical capabilities. Thus, they turned toward J’artan’s homeworld of Erithea

Player notes:

House Rulings: Stim Application heals like a stimpack does, but removes one of your Stim Pack uses for the session. When fighting minions, a triumph auto kills one of them.

Session Notes:
- Make decision between run blockade, turn in bounty on haddis, fight poggle, attack imperial base, try and flee.

- Jaa’rtan has plan to try and pit the two sides (imperial and geonosian) against one another. Have our enemies fight.

- Attempt to catch an Imperial patrol.

- Jack lets us borrow a land speeder to retrieve the suncatcher.

- Fought a pair of geonosian speeders, defeated both, took one ship damage. Gun is out of ammo.

- Made it to the ship, secured the speeder and money, John got slapped by the sad twilek girl, but she calmed down, Nat took the ship back to the Rebel base.

- Jaa’rtan confronts Twi’lek girl, then we go to bed.

- That night, the Twi’lek girl comes to Adam in his room. Adam rejects her, which angers her and she runs out crying.

- In the morning, rebels are getting ready for battle

- Head out to ambush a group of stormtroopers. Defeated stormtroopers handily. Got loot! :D
—Sergeant: Heavy Blaster Rifle, Vibroknife, 2 Frag Grenades, Utility Belt, 1 Extra Reload, Long Range com scanner.
—Stormtroopers: Light Repeating Blaster with weapon sling x2, Vibroknife x2, Frag Grenade x3, Utility Belt x2, Reload Pack x2

Took: John 2 grenade, 2 vibroknife, Utility belt
Adam 3 Grenade
David Light repeating blaster, Extra reload

- Ja’artan activates a distrress call with Long Range com scanner, calls the base, succeeds in convincing them that the stormtroopers were attacked by geonosians. John figures out the map, and we decide to take the scanner to poggle’s base. We run away as teh imperials begin to bomb poggles base.

- Jack communicates, the rebels retook the stronghold in the confusion.

-We get back to base, hop on our ship, and leave for Arithea. Twi’lek girl comes with us.

Earned 20 exp for session!


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