Brotherhood of the Edge

Session 6 Placeholder
Session 6 - 15 XP
  • Took the underboss back to the hotel and interrogated him.
  • Discovered a map that shows the locations of the Imperial dead-drop locations for intelligence.
  • Met with the Dathomirian witch and joined forces to investigate the dead-drops.
  • Braddock, Galactus, and Dredds all found a package and quickly opened it.
  • Keltar, Neesha, and Tarak found a package and decided not to open it because it’s rigged with a tracker.
  • As the latter returned, they found a sniper on the rooftop and sent Tarak to investigate.
  • After battle started, the others joined on the rooftop.
  • After taking the Defel prisoner, got a Heavy Blaster Rifle w/Multi-Optic Sight and the Marksman Barrel

Players Present

Adam, Beth, Ben, Jolee, John, Mike

Session Placeholder for 5
Session 5 - 15 XP
  • Group recouped and decided to involve the Hutts in this planet.
  • Group ran and found a mansion for a target.
  • Lots of combat ending with blowing up a droid and a house.
  • Captured the captain.

Players Present

Adam (?), Ben, Beth, John, Jolee, Mike,

A Note Left on the Hotel Room's Floor
it looks like it dropped out of someone's pocket

Note Contents:
A doodle of three giant robots, facing off against one tiny figure. There is another figure riding on the shoulder of the biggest robot. The figure on the ground is reaching up as if begging, and has cartoon stink lines coming off of it.
Scribbled next to the smallest robot are calculations for the amount of parts needed to build such a robot. The writer of the note apparently got distracted halfway through, since the second half of the scribbles is a grocery list. The writer needs to pick up bread.

I Shot the Sherriff
Session 4 - 15 XP

Roots, Rock, Reggae

  • Escaped into the mines and encountered an Ugnaut.
  • Tried to get a lead on the Rebels, but failed and left.
  • Encountered the Black Suns and were attacked, but managed to trade a favor for a favor.
  • Got a hotel and slept (healing!).
  • A Black Suns rep came and asked for my favor, and I asked for the whereabouts of the Dathomirian.
  • Everyone came back, and then we were shot at by a Black Suns assassin.

Players Present

Ben, Beth, Jolee, John

Black Magic Woman
Session 3 - 15 XP

Hope You’re Feeling Better

Conflict! After our heroes left the pirate captain with information on the whereabouts of the Rodian’s artifact, Braddock H’san, famed scientist and researcher, took our heroes’ stash of his corrupted drug and jettisoned it out of the airlock. Before doing so, however, Keltar, the surly ambassador of Toydaria, tried to fight Braddock, so addicted to the drugs was he.

Luckily, Tarak the Second, a loyal servant of the Scorekeeper, was on hand to help keep Keltar down and out of trouble. After successfully jettisoning the drugs, the group continued to travel in hyperspace towards Bespin.

Let the Children Play

Before dropping out of hyperspace, the Rodian asked our heroes for more help in recovering her artifact. Keltar quickly offered the group’s services at a hefty rate, but Galactus Fincher, brilliant mechanic, sensed a golden opportunity and asked the Rodian to a wager. The Rodian accepted, and after a quick toss of the dice, Galactus had given away the group’s services for no fee at all.

After some yelling by Keltar, our heroes landed on Bespin and wasted no time seeking out a casino. While Galactus and her trusty droid went gambling, Tarak and the Rodian split off to search for the artifact. During this time, Keltar and Braddock went to the bar and after a short conversation, were able to resolve their differences in a deal. During this, Keltar noticed that a strange woman was watching them, and the two left to investigate.

She’s Not There

Braddock and Keltar chased the strange woman, who was in fact a Dathomiri, but lost her as she fled into the slums. Summoning the group to his side, Braddock explained what he has seen, and after some debate, the Rodian offered that she might be the best bet to find her artifact.

The group followed her into the slums, and aside from the blatant poverty, our heroes also encountered a large number of drug addicts. Braddock, concerned for the well-being of others, asked the group to help him track down the source of the drugs. Our heroes, ever virtuous, agreed, and soon came to a night club in the middle of the slums.

Evil Ways

Upon reaching the night club, our heroes witnessed a human flying out of the window of the second story. After he fell, Braddock rushed to his side and saw to his injuries and immediately knew that his corrupted drug was here. Braddock went inside the club to find the source while the rest tended to the man’s wounds, but Braddock soon attracted the wrong kind of attention and was accosted by some drug addicts.

Battle broke out, and thanks to the droid and Tarak, the drug addicts were quickly put down. However, before our heroes could interrogate their lone prisoner further, the Dathomiri appeared and executed him, demanding the artifact called the Key of Exile from the Rodian. The droid opened fire, and the Dathomiri fled, leaving our heroes with more questions than answers.

Players Present

Adam, Ben, Beth, John, Jolee, Mike

Come Sail Away
Session 2 - 15 XP

High Time

Freedom! After narrowly escaping the clutches of the dreaded Darth Vader, our heroes set forth through Hyperspace for a place to regroup and recover from their harrowing slavery. After some debate, our heroes drop out of Hyperspace over the planet Lamaredd. Quickly landed, the group heads towards the nearest bar to eat, drink, and enjoy a long overdue rest.

Too Much Time on My Hands

Tarak, after bandying words with the annoying Toydarian, spotted a lone Bothan at the bar. Always seeking an adventure, Tarak purchased the Bothan a drink and invited her over to the group. Tarak’s generosity soon became a boon, as the Bothan actually was seeking help from a group such as our heroes. After some persuading, the Bothan revealed that she was looking for some information held by a notorious pirate, and that she would hire the group to help her retrieve the information.

Boat on the River

The Bothan revealed that the pirate would be found on his ship near the docks. The group traveled down the docks and quickly found the pirate ship and its plethora of guards. Thinking quickly, the group devised a plan; Braddock and Keltar would pose as seedy characters to gain access to the ship, while Tarak and the Bothan would remain behind in case of trouble.

Keltar and Braddock had no issue coming aboard and were mistaken for drug smugglers. The two met with the captain and his elite guard. Keltar and Braddock began negotiations for the drugs, pretending to be nefarious drug dealers in the hopes of gaining the information the Bothan sought.

Nothing Ever Goes As Planned

During their negotiations, Keltar contacted Tarak and the Bothan to pose as his help. Tarak and the Bothan understood the contact to be a signal, and the two snuck aboard the ship, stealthily moving past all of the guards and reaching the bridge. The two remained at the entrance, waiting for the signal to pounce.

At the same time, Keltar and Braddock continued to lie about their identities, but were beginning to slip after all this time. Luckily, Keltar found a way to send Braddock outside, where he met the other two. The three hatched a daring plan, and they managed to convince the captain and his crew to come out of the bridge, where the group ambushed them.

The fight was over quickly, and our heroes took the unconscious pirate captain and dressed him as a Mon Calamari. They then walked off the ship with a hefty sum of 110,000 credits!

Borrowed Time

However, the pirate captain was not as foolish as the heroes believed. Shortly after leaving the docks, a hidden bomb inside the suitcase went off, almost killing out heroes and destroying most of the credits inside. Disheartened, the heroes gathered up what they could and headed back to their ships.

With the captain secured, the Bothan began to interrogate him about the whereabouts of some mysterious artifact. She discovered that the captain did not have what she sought but had already sold it off. After getting a location from him, our heroes mercilessly dropped him from low orbit onto his ship and flew off, leaving his broken body among the wreckage of his ship.

Players Present

Ben, Jolee, John, Mike

I Want to Break Free
Session 1 - 20 XP

Back Chat

Imprisoned! Our heroes find themselves locked in a force cage on board a pirate ship. At their captors’ own pleasure, two of our heroes, Boolon Yesh and Galactus are forced into service as guinea pigs to an unknown drug. At the same time, Galactus’ old droid, Killbot, is forced to work in the cargo bay, a dastardly restraining bolt keeping it from exacting its bloody vengeance on the pirates.

Under Pressure

Our heroes awake to another cold and sad day of imprisonment on the pirate ship. As their single guard sits and whittles the time away, Boolon and Tarak attempt to convince the guard to free them. As the guard walks away unimpressed, a sudden explosion rocks the ship, causing a piece of the ship to crush the guard and damage his force cage key, freeing our heroes!

A Kind of Magic

After discovering the prison floor vacated, our heroes explore the deck. Finding the ship’s systems’ room, Braddock disables the ship alarm before grabbing a map of the ship. Our heroes decide to explore the deck and find their gear as well as the doctor’s office. Inside, Boolon manages to find one pound of the drugs he and Galactus have been injected with and the ship doctor’s findings and records of the experiments.

Keep Yourself Alive

The ship elevator leads to the lower deck that contains the hanger and the cargo bay. Our heroes decide to head towards the cargo bay. On the way, they encounter two pirate thugs. Being a brave soul, Boolon steps forward to try and lead the brigands away without harm, but Tarak suddenly opens fire with a grenade and incinerates the two in one shot. The group then shuffles off to the cargo bay and find an abandoned astromech droid and recruit its help. Leaving te cargo bay, the group then encounter two Stormtroopers who open fire on Tarak, the scariest looking member. After both missing, Tarak and Killbot open fire on quickly dispatch the two.

Spread Your Wings

Our heroes finally find themselves outside the hangar bay. Inside, chaos reigns as the vast horde of offending Stormtroopers fire on the band of pirates, led by none other than the notorious [[ | Lord Vader]]. Struck by fear, each member attempts to hide from the battle, but Boolon and Galactus are spotted by a Stormtrooper, but are then saved by a pirate, and the battle begins to die down. Boolon and Braddock jump aboard a spare Y-Wing fighter while the rest board Tarak’s ship. Braddock then manages to force the fighter into the larger ship, and the group take off into hyperspace, fleeing from the [[ | Star Destroyer]] that is blasting the pirates’ ship into oblivion.

Players Present

Adam, Ben, Beth, John, Mike

Art Dump

Now that the game is over, I’m dumping all the art I drew for it and saved

Becka's Deep and Dramatic Musings, Log 1

What the fuck have you been doing while i was gone, Jac?!?!

The Doctor's Log 19
I will find him.

I will find him.


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