J’artan Vemilla

ex-noble Scion


Brawn: 2
Agility: 2 + 1
Cunning: 2 + 1
Intellect: 2
Presence: 2
Willpower: 2

Exp: 120 (0)

Wounds: 10 + Br (12)
Strain: 10 + Will (12)

Obligation: 15
Family: 5 / Debt: 10

Primary Weapon: Mark 44 Blaster Pistol (Dmg: 6, Crit: 3, HP: 4, Rng: Med)


The third son of the once-powerful Vemilla noble family, J’artan finds himself suddenly adrift in a world where what he once counted on is no more. His Outer Rim home world, Erithea, was seeded with human stock millennia ago, and developed largely independent of (and ignorant of) Republican politics. Erithea governed itself along standard liege-oath law, and while it sent a representative to the Senate every few years, his mission was largely to keep the Republic off of Erithea and out of its space.

In this climate, the Vermilla family grew in prosperity and power until it became one of the major planetary actors. Considered, informally, the third-most prestigious noble house, the Vemillas dabbled in textiles, agriculture, pharmaceuticals, and robotic technology and managed some six thousand planterary population centers, with a total population of just over one billion humans and xenoguests.

With the rise of the Empire, the benign neglect of the Republic came to a crashing end. Ironically, the Empire, despite using broad feudal structure in its internal politics, required centralized governance in its colonial worlds. The Vemilla family was purged along with the royal family and the other major noble houses. Hundreds of people with claims on Vemilla power were executed, until only a handful of minor scions remained.

J’artan is one of those survivors, a remnant of the patriarch’s brother’s family. His own father, Kalbin, and his eldest brother Ricale were both killed in the purge. His mother was crushed by the tragedy and never recovered her mental acuity. An able administrator in her younger days, she is now an enfeebled, though not yet old, resident of a long-term care facility. J’artan’s remaining brother Tristac dedicated his life to combatting the Empire and restoring the glory of the Vemilla name, and vanished into the Erithean underworld.

Thus, J’artan, who was five at the time of the purge, grew up largely alone, with only his younger sister Isadel for company. J’artan took various jobs when he could, spending everything to put his sister through basic education and keep his mother in tranquilizers and medical droid attention. When his sister finally received a commission to the prestigious offworld Imperial Science Institute, J’artan realized that he was rootless on the planet he’d lived on for his entire life.

He spent the last of his money on a ticket to the nearest trade corridor, figuring he’d be able to rustle up more credits this way. If he could pay for a lifetime care contract, or better, a cure, for his mother, he’d feel like he had finally become a success. But he still receives holograms from his sister, who is excited to be putting her skills to use in a galactic scale. And sometimes, in what must be the dead of night back on Erithea, he receives whispered communications from a noble-blooded brother he’d almost written off as dead…

UPDATE: J’artan is missing a hand after a bloody battle on Erithea that began after the local Moff’s murder of Ami Vemilla. J’artan was subdued and tortured after attacking the Moff with a flame projector, and his hands were bound to razor wire. After Tristac’s attack on the castle, the razor wire was triggered, cutting off J’artan’s left hand. He takes one setback on all actions due to his injuries.

J’artan Vemilla

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