Vanielle and her father were captured when Vanielle was a young wookie and taken into Imperial slavery. Vanielle’s mother had died at birth, and her father’s grief caused him to become a workaholic and distance himself from his only child. He grew to love and enjoy his research and dangerous experiments for the Imperial Weapons Division more than his own daughter, and eventually started bringing his experiments home and developing weapons even the Empire didn’t know about or approve of.

While Vanielle was generally patient and kind with her father, she grew to harbor a resentment for his disdain for family. It was not the wookie way. She confronted him one night when he was passionately pursuing an exceptionally dangerous explosives test out of their own sitting room, and things went awry. The device was not stable and in her father’s rage at being interrupted, he caused the experiment to erupt and the resulting blast decimated their humble living quarters.

Vanielle was horror stricken and tried to rescue her father from the flames, but it was no use. Instead, she suffered major burns to her right arm and lighter burns to her face, and was never able to recover her father’s body from the wreckage.

The calamity aroused the attention of the Imperial Army’s patrol. When Vanielle learned that instead of the incident being classified as an unfortunate mistake, she was the primary suspect in a murder investigation on the Empire’s premiere weapons expert, she fled wrongful arrest and found refuge with local rebellion efforts.

While in the rebel camps, she was treated for her wounds and provided with food and shelter until she could set out on her own path. Vanielle pledged to repay her debts to the rebels and also vowed to restore honor to her name by proving her innocence in her father’s death.


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