Tarak the Second

Trandoshan Demolitionist


Male Trandoshan, age 24, 6’6" height, medium build, green to blue-green scales depending on the light, black eyes.

Has a fixation with his oath to the Scorekeeper.


My father is (was?) a great Trandoshan warrior. You may have guessed that his name was Tarak. When he was a child my grandparents were murdered in an Imperial raid and my father taken as a slave and given the name Tarak in honor of the great Tarakian War Lords. He was forced to be a demolitionist and put into the service of the Empire. He escaped with the help of a doctor I always hope I have the privilege of meeting some day, if he is still alive. His name was Dr. something Smith and my father always spoke fondly of the human he claimed saved his life. He was one of the few aliens my father felt a connection to, even though he said the dear doctor nearly killed him once.

I saw my father little over my young years, but when I did our time together was unforgettable. Following in the footsteps of my father, I became a demolitionist, but unlike my father mine was by choice. Hearing his tales of adventure in the outer rim worlds, the horrific explosions at his hands, and his glorious offerings to the Scorekeeper made me want to be just like him. I was raised on our home world of Hsskor until the age of 12 when I then left to follow in my father’s footsteps, but I have always stayed in contact with my mother. Since training as a demolitionist outside of Imperial forces is punishable by death I had to use the clandestine connections my father had given us in case of such circumstances as well as some of the credits he left us.

Something must have happened to my father as there has been no word from him in a number of years, which is most unusual. Though, like most Trandoshan fathers, he was not involved much in my day-to-day upbringing, he always stayed in contact and let us know how he was. He was always excited to see us and share adventures and time when he ventured home. I fear the worst for him.

Although I am far from the fear and honor my father achieved and nowhere near the score he has with the Scorekeeper, I have succeeded in following his path being now trained as a demolitionist by some of the best pirates I could afford. My father’s name did wonders in opening doors for me. I now venture out on my own as my father once did. Unfortunately I have found quickly the universe is not as glamorous at it seemed when my father told his stories and I already seem to have made a few enemies without even trying. I can only hope to someday achieve the reputation, admiration, and fear my father commanded.

One thing I do hope is that I never have to change my name as my father as when he escaped years ago he was forced to change the name of Tarak and go underground. Today the name Tarak can once again be spoken with pride, which is good as I prefer it much better to Reethan the Second.

Tarak the Second

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