Emancipated Dancing Girl


This young Twi’lek girl looks to be about 15 years old. Her lekku have symbols that match Content Not Found: nat-shala. She is slim, but has various scars and markings from her time as a slave.

UPDATE: After the incident on Geonosis with Content Not Found: vox-3]], the Twi’lek girl is missing her left hand from a deadly trap using a special and rare metallic wire. However, it was replaced with a prosthetic on Vantooine, whiel the group was in captivity among the Satabs.


The Twi’lek slave girl refuses to share her name, though Content Not Found: nat-shala recognizes her markings as belonging to a group akin to his.

She was taken from her home at a very young age – too young to remember her parents – and grew to adolescence serving Outer Rim clientele at a bar on Tatooine.

She was dancing there one day when a Twi’lek bounty hunter named Nat took an interest in her. One very bloody bar fight later and she was a “free” woman, unsure of what freedom meant or how much danger she was in because of her newfound liberation.

She accompanied the fugitives to Geonosis, where they promised a quick hyperspace jump to Ryloth. But the local Moff had other plans, and she found herself hidden in a smuggler’s hatch in the cargo hold while her “liberators” angrily argued whether or not to take a quick job…


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