Trandoshan - Hired Gun - Demolitionist


Brawn: 4
Agility: 3
Cunning: 2
Intellect: 2
Presence: 2
Willpower: 2

Soak: 6
Wounds: 16
Strain: 11
Defense: 0

Motivations: Make amends / Help downtrodden

Obligations: 20; Criminal / Bounty

Primary Weapon: MerSson 44 Blaster Pistol (Dmg: 6, Crit: 3, HP: 4, Rng: Med)
Secondary Weapon: Grenade Launcher (Dmg: 8, Crit: 3, HP: 3, Rng: Med)


He was born in the furthest reaches of the Outlands on a small mining planet. Operations were very secretive and had to be hidden from the Empire. His parents were part of the management of the mining operation. Although his species usually worked with the Empire, his parents were unique in that they had made a life in the Republic. At age three the mining operation was discovered by the Empire and attacked, killing all but the workers, including both his parents. He was taken by the Empire and raised from age three as a slave warrior as punishment for his parents treacherous ways. Being Trandoshan, he was not allowed to be a storm trooper; and being disposable, he was trained as a demolitionist. He was given the name Tarak by his captors and trainers as they always said he had the spirit and fight of a Tarrakian warlord, even at age 3. He has no recollection of his given name.

After entering into full-fledged service as a young demolitionist at age 17, Tarak quickly learned how to help himself and take advantage of the weak and small, as he had been trained. His thirst for power and control lasted another 7 years. However, at age 24, he developed a conscience after meeting a lovely Trandoshan female who had been taken as a slave by the Empire. She made him question all that he had been taught. She made him question the Empire and think back to what his parents must have been like to have defied them and stand up to them. What they must have stood for. At age 25 she was executed as a traitor to the Empire. By age 26 he had completed his total transformation, fully realizing the lie bis life had been under Imperial rule. At age 27 he found an opportunity to leave, which was timely as he also found himself under suspicion of sedition. Unfortunately he was forced to kill three storm troopers in order to escape undetected for a time in order to put a lot of distance between himself and the Empire. Tarak also stole a ship in order to make it to a safe planet quickly.

Monitoring communications, Tarak found that he had been found guilty of capital theft, treason, and murder. He was sentenced to death by torture. There is now a price on Tarak’s head large enough to attract the most successful bounty hunters and he quickly found a need to bury Tarak into obscurity. Reethan was born with a desire to right the wrongs Tarak created and to help the downtrodden and weak, to repent for past wrongs. Tarak vowed never to be captured alive.

Now at age 33 and having drifted for the past 6 years from one colony to another, Reethan is hoping to find a place he can call home. The name Tarak is no longer whispered as doing so has caused past friends much grief and danger. Bounty hunters still appear now and again and are dealt with one way or another. This does not concern him as he has gotten used to looking over his shoulder, but there is concern for those Reethan travels with as they may also be at great risk. Reethan will always stand tall for his companions with oath and life, but he feels it only fair to let those he travels with to know the danger they face in choosing such a companion. It is for this reason that he has yet to find a place he can call home, always a reason to be forced to move on. Maybe someday, and somewhere, such a place exists.


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