John Smith




Brawn: 2
Agility: 2
Intellect: 4
Cunning: 2
Willpower: 2
Presence: 3

Exp:357 (23 available)

Threshold = 12
Taken = 19

Threshold: 13
Taken: 1


Expertise: While in medical school, John’s parents had always urged to strive to be the best of the best. Once his parents were killed, John’s resolve was stronger than ever to become one of the best doctors in the entire galaxy.

The Weak/Charity: Having been betrayed by the Empire, John has developed a deep concern for the downtrodden who have been negatively impacted. Healing the weak should be his first priority.


Betrayal: Having his parents killed by the empire has caused a deep resentment for the empire to spawn within John. Although he is resolved to help those in need, he will try to take up any opportunity to take a shot against the empire.

Oath: John’s parents had always taught him that taking care of the sick is a doctors first priority. Due to this upbringing, John has sworn to bring aid to all those in need. However, having been betrayed by the empire, he may find this vow difficult to follow if imperials are in need.




Armored Clothing


Stimpack x 6
Thermal Cloak
Breather Mask
Fusion Lantern

Talents and Special Abilities:

Surgeon: When making a Medicine check to help a character heal wounds, the target heals 1 additional wound per rank or Surgeon (Rank 2)

Stim Application: The character may take the Stim Application action.To perform this action, he must have access to drugs,
a medpac, or stimpacks. He makes a Average
Medicine check. If successful, one ally he is engaged
with (including himseln increases one characteristic of
the character’s choice by one for the remainder of the
encounter, and suffers four strain. A single character’s
individual characteristics may each only be increased
once by Stim Application during an encounter.

Improved Stim Application: As an incidental, when performing the Stim Application action, the character may increase the difficulty of the Medicine check to Hard as an incidental.
If he does so, the target of the action suffers
one strain instead of four.

Grit: Each rank of Grit increases a character’s strain threshold by one.

Natural Doctor: Once per game session, the character may reroll any one Medicine check.

Sense Basic Power: The Force user can sense the Force interacting with the world around him.
The user may spend 0 to sense all living things within short range (including sentient and non-sentient beings).
The user may spend 0 to sense the current emotional state of one living target with whom he is engaged .

Influence Basic Power: The character may attempt to guide, shape, and even twist the thoughts and feelings of others.
Special Rule !Oe use): When guiding and shaping thoughts, only e may be used to generate negative emotions such as rage, fear, and hatred. Only 0
may be used to generate positive emotions such as peace, tranquility, and friendliness. Other emotions such as confusion can be generated with either 0 or e.
The character may spend 0 to stress the mind of one living target he is engaged with, inflicting 1 strain .

Move Basic Power: The Force user can move small objects via the power of the Force.
The user may spend 0 to move one object of silhouette 0 that is within short range up to his maximum range. The default maximum range is short range


Gender: Male
Age: 21
Height: 2 Meters
Build: Fit but not Bulky
Hair: Brown and extremely curly
Eyes: blue

Having parents who had been successful doctors for the empire, John had lived a rather privileged lifestyle and was well on his way to becoming a doctor. While in medical school, his parents had been sent to a battlefield in order to bring medical support. While there, his parents began to take pity on all of the injured and began treating all of the ill, including rebels. The empire immediately arrested them and sentenced them to death.

Once he heard the news of his parents death, John became greatly depressed. The empire refused to allow a funeral to be held for his parents. John then became angry and resentful towards the empire, and decided then to use his talents to aid the sick while trying his best to fight the empire, who took his parents.

John Smith

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