Jack Hartness

Friend of John and leader of Geonosian rebellion


Jack had been in medical school with John while growing up. He had never been too tied to the empire, but was willing to do as he was told. He had tried making friends with John, but once John’s parents died, Jack could not do anything to bring John around. Nevertheless, they were still relatively close friends and occasionally lab partners. Jack had even been present during the accident that stained John’s left eye.

Once he had finished medical school, he had decided not to be affiliated at all with the empire, given what they had done to one of his friends. However, he was not willing to join the rebels quite yet. He became a freelance doctor, offering his services to anyone he could, while trying to stay out of trouble. He often visited the remote villages throughout space to bring medical care.

While visiting a village on a remote planet close to Geonosis, imperial forces had come and began to ransack the village, under the premise that they were supporting the rebels. Jack knew these allegations were ludicrous and he tried to explain the situation to the general in charge. However, the general refused to listen, and Jack found himself running to escape capture and certain death.

He managed to get to his ship, but there was not enough fuel to go very far, so he ended up landing on Geonosis. While there, he became aware of the plight of the Geonosian tribes and there issues with the empire. He then decided to stay and offer whatever assistance he could to them. He was finished with the empire.

Jack Hartness

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