Jac Todd

Smiling trader



Brawn: 1
Agility: 2
Intellect: 2
Cunning: 3
Willpower: 2
Presence: 4

Exp:195 (20 available)

Threshold = 11
Taken = 6

Threshold: 14
Taken: 1


Jac grew up in the lowest levels of his clan on Ryloth, with his sister. Being scorned by most of Twi’lek society, Jac turned all of his cultural adherence to family values upon his sister, making her the only person he really cares about. He spent most of his childhood keeping her out of trouble, since she has a remarkable and distinguished disregard for consequences to her own life and a distinct lack of respect towards authority figures.
Since both of them were orphaned/abandoned/who knows at a very early age, they aren’t all that sure that they’re actually siblings. The marked difference in their skin colour would suggest not, but at this point they both absolutely do not give a shit. They’re brother and sister. No arguments.
His sister was sold into slavery about a year and a half ago by someone way farther up the ladder than she and Jac were. That person’s going to pay, eventually, after Jac manages to find her again. He’s spent the time in between then and now building up enough cash, resources, and skills to go off-planet to search for her.
The fastest way to find her is to throw himself in with a group that’s prone to finding themselves in dangerous situations AND capable of getting themselves out of them. That should lead Jac straight to the trail of destruction his sister is leaving everywhere she goes. Along the way he’ll do his best to get more money and resources, because hey, once he finds her he’s going to have to make sure he can take care of her, right? That’s family support 101, ‘Make sure you are capable of clothing and feeding and giving many sharp and pointy things to your family’.

Jac Todd

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