Hadiss the Vaulted

Leader of the Geonosian Resistance


Little is known about Hadiss’ current appearance. In his prime, he was a strong Geonosian, but by the time he went underground, fleeing from Poggle the Lesser, he was an old warrior.

Today, no one speaks of Hadiss, and his current appearance is unknown.


Hadiss’ death was confirmed by Jack, the current leader of the Geonosian Resistance, who explained that Hadiss’ legacy serves as a powerful force for unity among separatist Geonosians and those who dream of a free planet.


Hadiss the Vaulted Canon Character Information

During Poggle’s uprising, many believed that Hadiss met his end at Poggle’s hands, but some say that he fled into the deep catacombs beneath the planet. He is attributed as the leader of the current Geonosian uprising, and that he still carries his ancient battle sword from his youth.

He was ultimately found to be dead, with Jack carrying on his legacy as leader of the resistance.

Hadiss the Vaulted

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