Braddock H'san

Polyglot biologist with a quick trigger finger.


BR: 2
AG: 3
IN: 4
CU: 2
WI: 2
PR: 2

Soak: 3
Def: 0/0

Primary Weapon:
Equalizer Pistol (7/med/2 – Superior, stun setting)

Secondary Weapons
Blaster (5/med/3)
Frag Grenade (8/short/4 – blast 6, Limited 1)

Emergency Medpack
5 Stimpaks
2 Synthskin Kits
1 Neuroparalytic Syringe


Braddock is a man on the run – he refuses to go into detail about his past, but he’s always looking over his shoulder and always sits with his eyes toward every exit. He will admit that he worked as a biologist and has experience with xenomedicine, but he clams up whenever anyone digs further. He will, however, go out of his way to aid Rebel Alliance troops and Rebel-aligned groups with any medical or mechanical questions they have, imparting his technical and scientific wisdom before slipping off into the darkness between the stars.

Braddock H'san

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