Boolon Yesh

Ithorian talkie man who likes to swipe things



Brawn Agility Intellect Cunning Willpower Presence
2 1 2 4 3 2
Soak Wound
3 11 15 0 0


Available Total
0 110


  • Oath — 5
    • Boolon is sworn to follow the Ithorian “Law of Life”, which requires that an Ithorian plant two plants for every one plant harvested. This extends to violence against others and stealing from others.
  • Betrayal — 5
    • Boolon fought with his friend and mentor, Mendota, from Nar Shaddaa before leaving. Boolon has not returned or spoken to him since.
  • Addiction — 5
    • Boolon was the subject of an experiment conducted by some pirates that has left him with a strange drug addiction.


  • Cause: Charity
    • Boolon has sworn to help protect and assist the poor and weak, particularly any Ithorians. Boolon gives away a large chunk of his loot to these people.


  • Weapons
    • Force Pike
  • Armor
    • Heavy Clothing
  • Gear
    • Disguise Kit
    • General Purpose Scanner
    • Burning Gel (x1)

“For every plant that was destroyed in the harvest, two must be planted to replace it.” The words of the Ithorian Law of Life are still the driving force of Boolon’s life, even after all of his hardships.

Born a farmer to a small herdship, Boolon was apprenticed to a Merchantate, a rich Ithorian merchant, as a young child, and married Ivuur, a beautiful Ithorian named after the native songbird that could sing two songs at once. The two believed deeply in helping those in need, and as adults, took a small ship and supplies to Nar Shaddaa to start a relief mission.

Shortly after landing and setting up shop, Boolon and Ivuur were attacked by thugs, and Ivuur was killed. Badly wounded, Boolon crawled into a gutter and wept for days. There, he met the Rodian thief Mendota, who took Boolon under his wing and taught Boolon how to be a thief. Boolon also learned that the galaxy viewed the Ithorians as simple, backwards, and stupid, so he decided to use this to his advantage. Rather than sneak around and steal, Boolon would dupe his marks into believing he was an honest merchant, while Mendota would steal the goods Boolon’s marks were all too happy to show off.

After five years, Mendota wanted to rob an Ithorian merchant, and Boolon refused. The two fought on the streets of Nar Shaddaa, and Boolon struck Mendota’s eye with his force pike. Boolon quickly fled the planet, Mendota hurling curses the whole way.

Boolon now travels the galaxy helping the poor by stealing the rich. The Ithorian “Law of Life” is still central to his lifestyle, and Boolon only attacks those he can regrow, which limits his violence to stealing from the rich, self-defense, and attacking droids that can be rebuilt and Stormtroopers which are always regrown.

Boolon Yesh

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