Ami Vemilla

incapacitated mother


[Character deceased.]


Ami was J’artan’s mother, and a broken woman.

In her younger days, she was an active administrator in the Vemilla bureaucracy, a rising star in the family whose intelligent, urbane husband secured her access to the highest ranks of Erithean society.

With the rise of the Galactic Empire and the subsequent collapse of the Erithean nobility, Ami saw her family purged. Her husband, son, and two daughters were killed. One of her remaining sons vanished into the conter-Imperial underworld. And she herself was subjected to brutal physical and chemical torture in an effort by Imperial forces to root out yet more information about surviving Vemillas.

She was never the same following the purge. Even with three children left alive by the ever-capricious Empire, she could not bring herself to rebuild her shattered life. Now, she rests near-comatose in a long-term care facility in Arcology Beta on Erithea, consuming anaesthetics and tranquilizers as quickly as medical droids will release them to her.

Her care was paid for in advance by J’artan, who has accumulated a debt of dubious origin in order to keep her contract up-to-date.

Ami was elevated to the Erithean throne by the local Moff, who used her as a figurehead despite her illness and injury. She was useful as a pawn until J’artan, who was sound of mind, arrived on-world.

Ami was killed by the Erithean Moff in a ploy to consolidate power around Ami’s “successor,” J’artan.

Ami Vemilla

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