Allison Smith

Mother of John Smith


Allison was the loving wife of Joel Smith, and since she also had a medical license, she was often out in the field with him. She held all of her husbands beliefs in treating all the sick and injured and she was ready to follow her husband to any length. While not on the field as a medic, she devoted most of her time to helping John through medical school when he needed it. Sadly, she was also executed with Joel when they were both found guilty of treason. Their executioner is only known as a sith who wields two lightsabers.

When she was gone, John’s studies wavered since he no longer had her help. However, John soon found strength in vowing vengeance for his parents death, and this strength pushed him through to the end. Her loving nature stuck with John through most of his schooling, and it eventually led to John’s oath in swearing to heal all those in need.

Allison Smith

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