Brotherhood of the Edge

Ship Wranglers

Session 12

The heroes emerged outside the planet indicated by the black marketeer, only to find a huge debris field blocking their way. While navigating the field, a rogue scan picked up the presence of a piece of old tech, which the team decided to bring in.

They set up an elaborate plan to lasso the ship and bring it into the cargo bay while several crew members monitored the movements of the debris field. With a heroic act of strength, Reethan successfully pulled in the debris, which turned out to be a partially-wrecked starfighter covered in Jedi markings.

The team was unable to get the fighter working, but did recover a datapad that mentioned battles against the Sith. With this caution in mind, the heroes settled down on the planet and moved toward a ruined temple-like complex.

Once inside, exploration were muted but ultimately led to a fountain that recovered mental trauma for anyone who drank the waters. Once rested, the party went north, only to have a door slam behind them, and a familiar laugh filled the room…


conraddave29 johnminser

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