Brotherhood of the Edge

Session 9

10 XP

  • Party lands on Coruscant to find a way to make money.
  • Party decides to find an underground arena fighting ground and make money.
  • Party joins the fight.
    • Trandoshan loses a slug fest to a Wookie.
    • Gand destroys the Wookie in one hit in the next fight.
    • Gand then slugs out and wins against a tough human.
  • IG-88 then kicks down the door, blasts some people, and walks into the hall.
    • Party manages to disable him, but had to flee from the Black Suns backup.
  • After leaving, the party blends into the crowd and flees.
    • Galactus builds Doc Oct arms.
    • Gand gets a riding mount for his bear.
    • Braddock researches one of his artifacts.
    • Tarak gets a fancy set of armor.

Players Present
Ben, Beth, Mike, John (late)


conraddave29 Ben_Harvill

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