Brotherhood of the Edge

Session 8

Session 8 - 15 XP

  • Party leaves Bespin and heads to Naboo to track down an Imperial Moff, Tanaka, that is buying up the artifacts.
    • The Emperor has been kind to Naboo and even has a secret hideaway, presumably somewhere nearby.
  • Party arrives just in time for Empire Week (Empire Day was two days ago)! It’s so celebrated on Naboo that even Lord Vader will give a speech.
  • Party meets a Gand character in a bar and negotiates for his help to take him off world.
  • In the forest, the Gand conducts his ritual to find the artifact on the 3rd floor in a room guarded by royal forces.
  • Party decides to disguise themselves in performer’s clothes and joins a parade through the main street.
  • Party heads to side entrance of the royal palace. Braddock impresses a handmaiden, then the group goes up to the third floor.
  • After battle, the Rodian and Braddock grab some relics and the party took off.

Players Present

Adam, Ben, Beth, Jolee, John, Mike


conraddave29 Ben_Harvill

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