Brotherhood of the Edge

Traps A-go-go

Session 10

The heroes move beneath the city, having escaped the monks. However, the undercrofts are full of traps, both standard-mechanical and poison-based.

Nat was quickly separated from the group, and while the rest were harassed by swinging sawblades, he was gassed by a hallucination trap.

When the group re-emerged in a central antechamber, Nat believed that the others were Sith Lords come to claim him. He ran, but was eventually stopped when the hallucinogen wore off.

They all reunited and began to explore around a strange pressure-plated door, which depicted tortured humans. The heroes realized that they must engage in this contortion to open the door. After triggering the trap once, they realized they had to beat the clock before the floor fell away.

Pushing themselves to the limit, they managed both to open the door and stop the self-sacrificing heroes who assumed the tortured positions from falling into the void.

The door opened, and the heroes stepped in…


conraddave29 johnminser

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