Brotherhood of the Edge

Notes from a Trandoshan Adventurer

Random thoughts and comments on our adventures

Reethan found another group of adventurers by accident thanks to Imperial forces. Shot down by Imperial destroyers along with two other rogue ships approaching the planet, Reethan found an old companion, as well as a possible enemy. In communication with each other, all three ships’ occupants exited their downed crafts to confront each other. I knew immediately, even before seeing her, I had come face to face with a Wookie. As we all approached each other from a triangular position I noticed the Wookie eyeing the Ryyk blade on my belt. Focusing on an obvious threat, I turned toward the Wookie. I had not been this close to such a smell for some time and memories overcame me….I might be wearing two Ryyk blades after this encounter. And then the question…she actually had the gall to ask me where I “stole” the Ryyk blade. Did she not know what she was facing? I let her know quickly Trandoshan’s do not steal and it was “taken” in honor….and she was welcome to try to take it back. To my surprise the Wookie actually backed away, obviously not wanting a confrontation. I have to admit I was confused at her obvious desire to avoid a confrontation with a life-long enemy. Where had this Wookie come from to react this way? I finally ascertained that the Wookie’s name was Vanielle and posed no obvious threat.

Since Vanielle was no threat, I turned my attention to the third ship of our trio. As we got closer I recognized a silhouette I had not seen for quite some time. I could not help but show my joy at seeing such an old friend….I yelled with little question, “Dr. John?” And indeed it was…the one man who helped me escape the Empire, risking his own life. No matter that he was traveling with an obvious Twi’lik bounty hunter and a human I could not recognize, I did not hesitate to hail him and welcome our reunion. He quickly put any reservations I may have had aside to let me know that Nat (the Twi’lik bounty hunter) and J’artan (they say an actual member of royalty on this planet) were no threat to me and that I could trust them….in the end Dr. John’s trust was not so well placed, but I cannot blame him for other’s well-meaning, but overzealous, actions.

After we all agreed to join forces we found ourselves in J’artan’s home land helping him find his mother and gain back his rightful place in this world. Unfortunately my trust in J’artan’s judgment proved almost fatal as he led us into a trap in the city…after I agreed to release my weapons. Without going into great detail, this proved to be disastrous as I was taken prisoner along with the Wookie and rest of the group. In the end I am sure J’artan did not appreciate losing a hand (that I might have been slightly responsible for), but it was not a great adventure for any of us. We barely escaped with our lives and I am saddened to admit that without the help of Vanielle and another large male Wookie named Waka Waka I may not have made it out at all. But then again, if left to the Wookies we would still be busting our asses on rocks until we die. It seems these Wookies of today need a bit of prodding before they realize their ass is about to be cooked. But no matter….they have proved to be loyal companions and I may have to change my mind about my lifelong enemies. We shall see. And we met, and lost, J’artan’s brother. I am not sure there was any blood loss between the two of them. And what happened to Waka Waka in the end I know not.

Note to self: must be more careful about giving up weapons.

Our group also found a Twi’lik named Jac, or did Jac find us. I am still not sure what Jac does for a living, but it seems he has some sort of family tie to what I have gathered. At any rate, without the Twi’lik’s ship we would have been toast. And oh yea, there is a Twi’lik slave with us as well. I have to say we appear to be a rag tag group of characters that should be enemies…how interesting fate can be. At any rate, without a lot of fanfare I will tell you that we ended up with a TIE fighter that I was the pilot of. And Nat is still pissed about the fact that we had two TIE fighters until my poor aim allowed him to be shot down in his….hey, I’m not used to these damn controls….sorry Nat. We made our way from J’artan’s planet to another planet close by. Unfortunately I failed to disarm the transponder on my TIE fighter allowing the Empire to follow us to this planet… IDIOT…and a mistake that will not be made again. And they destroyed the TIE fighter.

Upon arrival at the planet I could sense that the indigenous folk trusted my words from the TIE fighter as to why I am here, but they did not trust my companions on Jac’s ship. It may be my distrust of non-Trandoshan’s or my desire to find a fight before a discussion, but I immediately feared for my companions and tried to warn them to be on alert. My companions, other than Nat, agreed to go with the locals into their city. I shall not follow as I will not give up my weapons again. The locals are very pissed that we brought the Empire with us and I fear they will turn us over to the Empire to save their own ass. And I fear for my companions even more. I fear a fight with the Empire is imminent and I will not let my companions down, especially Dr. John.

Nat has chosen to stay with me and we are separated from the main group. Even though Nat is an accomplished bounty hunter, I forgot how fragile Twi’lik’s can be by Trandoshan standards. I must stay in front, but I am glad he is at my back. At this time we all need the support of each other or we will all die. What they want from us I know not. The two of us have been offered 100,000 credits from some on this planet for our service down in the tunnels…to leave our companions behind to fend for themselves they say. An honest offer… a trap…greed on their part….no matter…I will not go down into their tunnels and abandon Doc at any price. Nat continues to stay with me and not go down into the tunnels.

So now what? Do those on this planet mean us no harm and want to help? Or will they turn us over to the Empire to save their own ass? Must go for now. A fight is in store and it is time to let all know what a Trandoshan can do to save his friends…or die trying. I must go back to my roots…I do not need these modern weapons… I have my own. Heads will roll…and Dr. John shall not die this day, upon my life I swear.


conraddave29 Ben_Harvill

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