Brotherhood of the Edge

In Which Our Heroes Shoot an Old Man

Session 11

The door led to a sumptuous chamber, full of priceless artifacts and golden items. The high priest (?) waited for the heroes, the dark stone throbbing at his throat.

He told them to flee, but the heroes were locked in discussion and refused. The priest raised his hands and they all felt pain curse through their bodies. He was boiling their blood! J’artan collapsed, and the others were severely wounded.

The priest again demanded that the heroes leave while John treated J’artan’s wounds. As they all stood up to face the priest, he group decided to kill the priest instead.

They fired two perfectly aimed volleys, which dropped the priest. The heroes quickly looted the room as the palace began to crumble around them, the boss evidently being load-bearing.

The ragged band emerged onto the street, where Solo and his hired help awaited. After tense negotiation, the heroes received 60,000 Credits in exchange for unloading the stone to Han Solo and his gang of toughs. One of the crew, a hired killer, was shot by Solo for his duplicity.

The heroes quickly fled, hurrying to the stars and hoping to catch a solar current to Ryloth. Nat developed a new identity, Insilaeus, and secured new papers en route to Ryloth. The others successfully shopped and scouted, and before long, they all were on their way.

However, Nat wanted more, and he tapped Jac‘s contacts to find a suit of powered armor to help him scavenge and hunt. The trader led the team to an old herbalist’s shop, where they engaged in yet more tense negotiation. Eventually, the black marketeer agreed to trade them the armor for a Jedi Holocron, and he supplied the coordinates of the mystery-shrouded and highly illegal piece of old tech.

The slave girl agreed to join the crew for one last heist before settling on Ryloth, and so they charted a jump for the uncharted zone. Before they could go, however, the famous bounty hunter Cad Bane appeared, hunting Nat. He accosted them in a tavern, and challenged Nat to single combat on the edge of town. Reethan and J’artan demanded to be allowed to act as seconds, and Cad reluctantly allowed them to stand nearby.

The battle was bloody and quick, and Nat’s rifle jammed just as the firefight was getting underway. Reethan tossed him a grenade launcher, and with a few well-placed strikes, Bane was down. His body was collected by a team of droids, and the battle was over – for now.


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