Brotherhood of the Edge

A Helping (of) Hand - 10 XP

Session 7

The party began split up, enslaved and downtrodden by the Empire. The humans and Twi’lek were put to work on manual labor, digging toward something. The larger heroes were put to work clearing an infestation of creatures out from inside mine shafts. And J’artan was placed under the Moff’s personal control, used as a figurehead for her schemes.

A week passed: the doctor began to treat the injured in the slave camps, while Nat attempted a abortive escape. Reethan and Vanielle battled a Gundark and met a second Wookie, Wakka’Wakka, who was impressed with their valor and chose to assist them in an escape attempt. J’artan took to ‘drinking,’ while actually hoarding high-proof alcohol in his quarters.

Things came quickly to a head: Reethan and the Wookies escaped the mines, and Nat and John Smith moved to help them, right on the heels of a major assault by revolutionary forces hiding outside Imperial reach. While the assault commenced, the mad Moff attempted to break J’artan by demanding that he kill slaves with a broadsword.

While the other heroes moved into position, J’artan drunkenly angered the Moff until she brought out a flamethrower, threatening to burn the slaves in front of everyone. J’artan claimed he was going to slay the captives, accidentally stabbed one, and then turned around and flamethrowered the Moff in the face. This was not enough to kill her, however, and J’artan was subdued for torture and death.

Meanwhile, the rest of the heroes rendezvoused with Tristac Vemilla, J’artan’s brother, who insisted on seizing the throne room himself. They blasted their way in with him, only to find that he intended on killing his brother for perceived crimes against the planet. A well-argued plea convinced Tristac not to shoot J’artan, but the Moff also made an offer: she’d step down for him if he retained Imperial control. He considered the offer – and then battle began.

A short but bloody battle ended with the deaths of the Moff and her henchmen, though Tristac was also grievously wounded. While trying to free J’artan, his torture-trap was triggered and his hand was severed, leaving him injured in a similar manner to the slave girl.

The curtain fell on a bloody, Hamlet-esque throne room, with the heroes scrambling to decide how to proceed while life ebbed from the fallen revolutionary leader Tristac…


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